Can 3x3s be on fleek? (Yes they can.)

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Father Shot Dead

Bargain Over Horses

Girl On Mission

Our first assignment: Create a 3×3 over the first forty-four pages of Charles Portis’s True Grit. Quite a lot happens in this section, such as the death of a father, an introduction to the villain, and the establishment of the protagonist’s purpose. This gave me a lot of material to draw from in the creation of my 3×3. I try to make my 3x3s striking in their language and powerful in their meaning, so I chose to make my first line very direct yet thought-provoking. The second line is more representative of the plot that unfolds in those forty-four pages. The third line is my favorite. It speaks to the establishment of the protagonists mission–to track down Tom Chaney and avenge her Father– and it also stands as an open-ended foretelling of events to come.

Symbols Pepper Page

Patterns Speckle Book

Mind Finds Meaning

This was the hardest 3×3 for me to write. It was less about breaking down a story line into three simple parts, and more about summarizing a narrative given by the author, Thomas C. Foster. At least, that’s what it felt like. Still, I am happy with how this turned out, and I am especially proud of the lively tone and personification I was able to incorporate into the 3×3.

Two Paths Intertwined

Thorn Bush Burns

New Roses Bloom

Honestly, when I finished writing this post, I felt like doing an end zone victory dance. Never have I felt like three lines more perfectly capture an entire novel. The excitement from this epiphany is almost dizzying.

The first line is about the meeting between the protagonist, Jane Eyre, and her eventual love interest, Mr. Rochester. They meet in a very chance encounter, and I wanted to capture the suddenness and sense of urgency in my writing. The second line is a direct reference to events in the book–specifically the fire that destroys Mr. Rochester’s home, Thornfield Hall–which I refer to as the “thorn bush.” The third line conveys a happy ending, which in the book is a rebirth of love between the two main characters, and a new life for them both.

 Remix:   Thorn Bloom Intertwine

    Rose Bush Burns

               Two New Paths

This was the only remix I was really satisfied with, and I think I can attribute the ease of remixing this 3×3 to the flexibility of words that I chose, as well as the simplicity of the theme of the novel: a love story.

Earth Crumbles Underfoot

Shots Pierce Night

Love Doesn’t Die

This 3×3 was constructed from Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain. The main character traverses much of the American South by foot to reach his destination closer to the North, and I represent his journey by the description of the footsteps he takes. He is eventually captured by a group of wayward self-proclaimed watchmen who travel the country looking for deserters. One of these men ends up killing the main character with a shot to the chest. This shot ultimately ends the man, but not the love shared between the man and his beloved.