Sketch-noting OITNB

After taking the SAT Saturday I felt zapped. Drained. A person bereft of all personality save the amount needed to answer a multiple choice question about functions. If you’re wondering, that mundane task doesn’t require much creative thinking. What better way to combat the oppressiveness of a society that values a eugenist placement exam than by watching a favorite T.V show, eating a sandwich, and doing something artsy. Thus began the creation of my first sketch note.

I armed myself with the best equipment…


…and my inspiration…


…and I got to work.


I am genuinely proud of my final product. In my opinion, it is the perfect blend of structured control and creative tangents. I think it has good flow, and is a real representation of my thought process while watching “Orange is the New Black: 40 oz. of Furlough.” I gathered specifics from the plot, general symbols present throughout the episode, paralleled story lines between characters, and big idea questions into one collection of my thoughts. Overall, I think my sketch note portfolio is off to a good start.