Prufrockian Remix

At first this seemed like an impossible task. We were sifting through pages and pages of Prufrock, getting completely lost in his words and entirely unable to find our own. We wrote down a quick outline on the board of things we liked about the poem that we wanted to bring into our remix. After that, it was all about forming an outline for our poem, which we decided would be a short and sweet three stanzas. Everything got much easier after we wrote down what we wanted the poem to be, and than began searching for the words to suit our needs. The entire process took about forty minutes, and I am immensely proud of what we were able to accomplish. It is ours, completely original message and all. It loosely follows the theme we wanted it to have—fear and uncertainty about what comes after high school—while still having beautiful language that is accessible and relatable to most people. I am so proud of this, and I had an amazing partner to work with; one who shared ideas and vision similar to mine.