Friday Night

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Last night ended

With a chandelier dipping in the dark,

And pounding pictures

Of kisses on the boulevard.

We took too many shots

Pink bruises and tabletops

Streaking blurs, skinny dots

Trying to and always saying that we’ll stop.

We broke the floor where we danced

Knees bent

Glitter kissed my head

Warrant’s out for your arrest.

It’s screwed up and failing

My ripped dress is hanging

My bed is a stranger

I can’t take another Friday night.

For this blog post, I took Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” and did a literary remix with it. The song makes light of a lot of stereotypes of parties and drinking, and I wanted this poem to be more reflective of the dangers of letting go. I tried to create a sense of helplessness, like the speaker wasn’t in control of what was going on around them. I wanted there to be a disoriented frenzy, like the good events of the night were mixing with the bad events, so that they both became indistinguishable. There’s a sense of emptiness and whimsy throughout the poem that I want readers on their own to decide is negative or positive. Overall I’m pleased that I was able to transform an upbeat pop song into something that’s serious and reflective of a growing problem that needs to be addressed. If you would like to see the original lyrics, I have included a link posted here: