The word I selected from Act 1 was dalliance. It’s denotative meaning is, “a casual romantic or sexual relationship,” or a, “brief or casual involvement with something.” In context within Act 1, scene three, line 54, dalliance is used by Ophelia to describe her brother’s romantic exploits, and to call the advice for her to be chaste as hypocritical, since it is something he is incapable of. The more connotative meanings I associate with this word are flirtatious, playful, and foolish. I chose an image that represents the connotations of the word as well as its denotative meaning, all while keeping in mind the context of the word; that it is served with judgement, and meant to be Ophelia’s disapproval of her brother’s actions.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.00.51 PM.png

This image evokes the feelings of a fleeting playfulness, something in the name of young love and therefore a little fool hearty; something someone might pass judgement on.