Frankenstein Sestina

1. Daemon

Definition: a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans.

Usage: Used to describe something usually of sinister origin

Used in Frankenstein: when Frankenstein is describing his creation to Walton

2. Dauntless

Definition: showing fearlessness and determination

Usage: Often used to describe someone with courage and bravery

Used in Frankenstein: to describe the men that Walton employs on his ship

3. Wanderer 

Definition: a person who travels aimlessly; a traveler

Usage: Used to describe someone who doesn’t seem to have a purpose

Used in Frankenstein: to describe the cloaked figure that the men see traveling across the ice by dog-sled

4. Consecrated

Definition: make or declare something sacred; dedicate formally to a religious or divine purpose

Usage: Usually used to describe holy ground

Used in Frankenstein: to describe the temple that Walton hopes to have his name in, in the same niche of Homer and Shakespeare

5. Culled

Definition: select from a large quantity; obtain from a variety of sources OR reduce the population of a wild animal by selective slaughter

Usage: I usually see this word used in the latter definition, with respect to killing

Used in Frankenstein: to describe Walton and the words he chooses, he “culls” them, “yet they flow with rapidity and unparalleled eloquence” (Shelley 11)

6. Belief

Definition: something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction

Usage: Used to describe someone’s inner truth

Used in Frankenstein: by Walton to describe his passions, he has “a love for the marvelous, a belief in the marvelous” (Shelley 6)





When across the ice came the daemon

Wary eyes from fearful bodies followed the tracks and found nothing dauntless

Within their hearts. The seas are kind to wanderers

And footsteps tread cannot tumble those consecrated

Waves. Rumbling thunder crowds the skies that shroud those that have been culled

In their creator’s minds, though from their existence there is still belief.


The creation asks, “ Why did you create me with your belief?”

The creator replies, “I could never believe you would become a daemon,

And so thus it is my duty to have your wildness culled

To prevent the spread of fear in hearts otherwise dauntless.”

The creation wonders if the conflagration of his existence scorches the consecrated

Ground beneath his creators feet, and decides to live his days as a wanderer.


But anger changes his mind, when stitched muscles clench spinning the wanderer

About on his path, forcing him to choose his own beliefs.

“Do I dare choose a path for the holy? A path that is consecrated?”

For I am naught but a daemon

So says my creator, a man without a dauntless

Heart. I will run with dogs across the ice for my being cannot be culled.


In the wake of a ship the creator hides, hoping not to be culled

By the creation he so fears, whose name shakes on the tip of his tongue, the wanderer

In his new endeavors dauntless

For he knows now he cannot fail, this is his belief.

He searches for a way to lift the brand of daemon

From his back so he won’t be from the fiery depths forged, but from the earthly ground consecrated.


Dig out a grave of soil consecrated

In the blood of the culled

From felled daemons

The solemn wanderers

Those that have no more belief

And choose not to be dauntless.


The creator begins to dig but asks himself if dauntless

Fires burn within his heart and he knows that they do not. To ash the consecrated

Ground went in the fires of those hearts fueled by their belief

Seared were the beasts that had been culled

And scorched were the feet of the wanderer

While running from the flames that beckoned him home, the daemon.


Burn belief. Fire needs fuel of the dauntless.

Dip into the shining waters a daemon, and his body blessed he will be consecrated.

Once culled, always a wanderer.