I chose to plot Cormac McCarthy’s “The Crossing” for this project.


This first image is the entire map, starting in their left with the cliff and the creek. The boy brings the wolf’s body to a grassy clearing in hopes of burying it, and makes trip to the creek numerous times to collect firewood and clean the bloody burial cloths. After visually seeing the tight confines of his path and the many times he retraces his steps, I’m made aware how confused and in shock he must have felt. He seems scared to leave the tiny world he has made for himself.




In contrast, the right side of the map represents the fictional dream world the boy creates in his head, to reconcile his memories of the wolf in its vitality with the dead one he sees before him. This side of the map bears only the wolf’s footprints, as it climbs into the mountains, and runs “with the deer and hare and dove and ground vole all richly empaneled on the air for her delight” (McCarthy 47-49).