Frankenstein– This super hero remains true to his literary parallel in the sense that his abilities are just his normal capabilities magnified. He is a character reminiscent of Beast in the X-men, in the sense that he was a created hero not a born hero. This knowledge that he was created into what he perceives to be a monster fills him with lots of anger and resentment towards the world. He struggles with anger issues like the Hulk, and can fall prey to his base emotions.

Abilities Include: Will to survive, indestructibility, brute strength

Weaknesses Include: Experiences strong emotions and can become slave to those emotions

Mattie Ross– This vigilante is different from the others in the sense that she has no inhuman powers. She is motivated solely by a desire for justice, and she her motives for pursuing a life of being a vigilante stem from the murder of her father. She is comparable to Batman in this sense, and likewise would use special equipment and gear to help her with her work.

Abilities Include: What would be called a “Normal.” No super abilities, however she has a strong moral compass that seeks justice, which is what prompts her to become a vigilante.

Weaknesses Include: Inability to work well with other vigilantes, strong distrust of men.

Queen Gertrude– I’ve decided to empower more of the women super heroes by transforming their literary personas into positive vigilante personas. I have decided to adopt the version of Queen Gertrude in which she is the power player in her relationship with Claudius, and the mastermind behind the happenings of the court of Denmark. Her super power is ironic of her fate in the play, because instead of being her undoing I have it become her super power.

Abilities Include: Impervious to poisons, her super power is like that of the Gila monster, can secrete venom from skin that can temporarily paralyze and even kill victims

Weaknesses Include: Is blind to people’s inner motives, she can be fooled by outward appearance or by nemesis alter egos

Off red– In The Handmaid’s Tale, so much of the success of the women was based on their fertility. The arrival of a period meant that the women had failed. Instead of keeping this negative association with a normal bodily function, I decided to turn it into a magical span of time in which it becomes a superpower.

Abilities Include: Once every month for a period of about eight days she gains every super power known to mankind. (Laser vision, ability to fly, telekinesis, etc.)

Weaknesses Include: During this period of time she can become especially hungry, irritable, and prone to foot cramps.

Who is this nemesis?  Select a character from the works you’ve read this year to cast as your super villain.  What is this villain’s master plan?  What powers or skills does the villain possess? Are there any other members of the rogue’s gallery or perhaps henchman?

Kurtz is the arch-nemesis of this band of superheroes. He does not possess brute strength, special gear, or any inhuman abilities. His power is his ability to transfix people with his voice, and hypnotize them into doing his bidding. He is motivated by years in his youth when he was bedridden due to a sickness, and spent his days reading himself books. This became a form of escape, and eventually he developed an ability to speak in such a way that he would transport himself away from his own life into that of a story. He decided to use this ability for evil, and employs it as a tool for world domination. He is aided by groups of followers that he has hypnotized for his purposes. Because he is otherwise human and susceptible to any physical threat, he has built a kingdom for himself in the depths of uncharted African territory as a means of hiding from those that would seek to usurp him.